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Formed in 1972, the Furmanac family business is UK's largest manufacturer of adjustable beds. They have developed ranges especially for the home market and are the only motion bed manufacturer in the UK to build the motion frame.

All Furmanac beds enjoy high quality construction from the UKís only bed manufacturer of motion frames. A wide choice of mattress types ensure everyone is comfortable with price and lifestyle. Pocket sprung and advanced memory foam offer the ultimate in comfort. The MiBedô range offers exceptional design, choice and value for money, all with the Furmanac guarantee and service.


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Bed care

Please read the following points to ensure you achieve maximum comfort and sleep satisfaction

  1. The first night - Your bed may seem a bit strange at first - it always takes a few days to settle into a new bed, but your body will soon adjust to the superior comfort level of your new bed.
  2. Turn mattress regularly - It is important that you turn your mattress regularly to aid even filling settlement and to prolong the mattress life. We recommend that you turn your mattress from side to side and end to end weekly for the first four months. Thereafter it should be turned every month. If you have a non-turn mattress it can be easily rotated, or if you have a Winter/Summer mattress turn your mattress from side to side and end to end seasonally. But please seek assistance when turning the mattress, apart from the risk of injury to yourself, you also risk damaging the mattress and invalidating your guarantee.
  3. Do not bend or roll mattress - By doing this it is likely to damage the spring units and invalidate your guarantee.
  4. Air the mattress - Our bodies generate over a pint of moisture during the night. It is important to let your bed breathe to allow that moisture to dissipate. Simply by turning down your bed clothes in the morning will allow the bed to air.
  5. Gently fit castors - Please read instructions for how to fit castors. Castors should be tapped lightly home with a hammer. Avoid excessive force as this can cause damage.
  6. Drawers should not be overloaded - If your bed is customised with drawers please do not overload, as excessive weight can cause damage to the runners and may jam the drawer. They are made for the purpose of light items only.
  7. Avoid using detergents - For they may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.